Monday, July 20, 2009

Life in Ontario

Wow! So much has happened since Valentine's weekend of this year. Darold and I have moved back to SoCal and decided to save money and move in with his parents. The rats have successfully made the transition quite well. Since moving, we have also adopted another little guy in our family and lovingly named him Dr. Stupid. To be honest that was the only name that we could find from the Ren and Stimpy show (since those are who the others are named after). He's a little pill and loves to start fights, especially with Ren. He's also the perfect balance between the two as he is black and white, and Ren is black and Stimpy is White. As soon as I have internet, I'll post some pics of all three of them.

Both of us have had such a hard time getting employed again since the downfall of our economy. I was actually planning on going back to Pebble Beach occasionally to keep my employee status there. However, due to some MAJOR miscommunication on their part, I no longer work there. Luckily, I have recently found an awesome day spa not far from my house. We officially opened our doors to the public one week ago today. Darold has started doing a handyman job with 2 of his brothers for now (the 3rd will probably join after he finishes school) They have been working at this for about a month and have shown some fantastic progress. We have our squabbles, but what family doesn't? I think they all want this to work and are all pushing very hard for it.

Other than that...not much is going on. Just living life the best I can. Married life is still the best and I look forward to a lifetime more of it!!