Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well, we kinda decided to add a little spice to Jack's life. He's at that weight where I am just keeping up with his food needs. We gave him some organic brown rice cereal for the first time last night. I made sure it was good and runny. That kid downed it like a champ! He loved it! I actually added a little cereal to thicken it just a bit and he went nuts. He ate like he's been eating for months now. I posted his pics to facebook, not very clear, but he is a pretty messy eater, as can be expected of babies. I just hope I'm not doing harm as he is just over 3 months. I was hoping to wait to the end of the month, but he was eating every hour and a half, and I can keep up with that, but not much more right now. He's beginning to be fussier and acting like he's always hungry, so we decided to try. So far so good. Perhaps for Christmas we'll get a food processor so we can make our own baby food and get him as much vitamins, minerals, and real nutrition as possible. So, what was your baby's favorite food and how early did you start them on solids?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Growin' up

Wow! I really want to just put a stack of books on his head! Jack is growing like a weed! We haven't been to the doctors lately so not sure of exact measurements, but he's now wearing up to 9 month old clothes. He can still wear 0/3 onsies but everything else has to be bigger. It's probably due to the fact that he's already addicted to the tv. If he can get any glimpse if it, he will stare as long as I let him, which isn't very long since it's not so good for his poor little eyes.

I put him on the floor for tummy time and he turned over!! He did it a couple times. He surprised himself and then got the biggest smile on his face thinkin he's hot stuff now lol. He's gotten good at smiling, "talking", laughing, and surprised himself a couple times by accidental raspberries.

He loves both his grandpas, but so far has an uncanny link to grandpa Murrish. They sit and talk in the evenings, and he'll even give mommy dirty looks on command for him! Coincidence? Most likely, but funny nonetheless

We are so excited for all of his first holidays. For Halloween he scored bigtime candy as Jack Skellington. Daddy says we're having another baby next year so we can repeat and score even more.....mommy says good luck with that plan...not happening!! He got passed around to everyone on Thanksgiving, and will hopefully encounter his first snow when we take him to Utah for his first Christmas and New Year's.