Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our family just got bigger!

Well, I think I win the laziest blogger award haha. Darold and I became proud parents on August 31, 2010 at 4:44pm. Jack Spencer Murrish made his appearance weighing in at 8lbs 11oz and reaching 19in. Unfortunately, my doctor thought it wise to forego inducing and go ahead with a scheduled C-Section as the baby already measured over 9lbs a week and a day before my due date and as previously mentioned, I was gestationally diabetic and genetically prone to big babies. All went fairly smooth even with my delivery being pushed back once due to twins being delivered in emergency C-section, then pushed back again (but this time I was on the operating table receiving my spinal) due to my doctor needing to rush to a different hospital to deliver a baby, which she missed so I got put back on the table only to wait forever and a day for my anesthesiologist to finish an epidural on another patient. Surgery went well and baby was finally born, with a head of hair, which was the first thing Darold noticed! As they wheeled the baby away and Darold followed to keep a watchful eye, I took a nap while being sewed up....and snored of course. Doctors freaked out and assumed I have sleep apnea, where I stop breathing when I sleep, and informed me I was being taken to ICU so I could be monitored for 24hrs (they said I would be prone to stop breathing and therefore die faster since I had the spinal) so essentially I was separated from the baby for the first 24 hours of his life. They were kind enough to bring him to me in recovery before going upstairs for a few minutes. Darold was fortunate to be able to come to the hospital early the next morning and hang out with him for a couple hours before being allowed to come see me. He told me that all he did was lay there awake and look around! Such an alert baby! Finally I was taken back to the women's dept and we spent the next 3 days bonding. We had family and friends come see us and messy diapers to change and a new life to love!

Jack was blessed on 10-10-10 and most our family was able to make it. My family met him and fell under his spell just like the rest of 'em. He also met his cousin who was born just 3 weeks before he was.

Jack is now almost 10weeks old and he is tipping the scales at 13lbs 03oz and almost 23in. He is smiling and cooing and is so happy. He only really cries if he's hungry,messy or tired and spends his time looking around and making ppl melt and smile. He enjoys his carseat and LOVES to go for stroller rides. He loves being outside since there are so many things to look at. He adores his daddy and grandpa. They talk all the time. He enjoys being the first grandson on Darold's side and can't wait to be old enough to go camping, canoeing, biking, shooting, and all the other big boy things with his daddy, grandpa, and uncles. We adore him and can't wait to go to Utah for Christmas this year and let him discover snow!