Monday, April 28, 2008

Fond Farewell

Today we said goodbye to ol' blue! We are very grateful that it got us up here in one piece and even stuck around to enjoy the scenery for a bit. The time, however, has come to just walk away.

About 2 weeks ago, Darold went mountain biking at Laguna Seca with a couple friends and was on his way home.....many times. The poor car had decided that it had gone far enough without a break. So it decided to make several breaks. Fortunately, they were on a road that Darold was able to pull over far enough not to get himself or the car hit. At that point we realized that ol' blue was due for retirement where it could donate part of itself to newer, younger cars so they can go on living for a bit more.

Thank you ol' blue for getting us to where we needed to go...even if it took a bit longer at the end. You'll be missed....a little.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

7:26 am

Three days last week, my eyes popped open to the warmth of the rising sun. I really wasn't the happiest person to be woken up. I groggily opened my eyes, rolled over and checked my phone to see if it was even remotely time for me to actually have to get up. No. Not once was it. My husband, however, was already wide awake. He, I'm sure, was not woken by the sun. He's just perky like that. It was 7:26 am. His body just naturally tells him it's time to be awake. He was more awake and wanting to have conversation on those days. My mind doesn't work like that. My mind has a great desire to wake up on it's own, and if it wakes up well enough, then it will initiate my brain to converse. Is that selfish of me??