Monday, March 31, 2008

THE belt

So....Darold needed a new belt. Acutally, he had "needed" one since before we started dating (mostly because I disapproved of the emblem of the mudflap girl on his old one). The only problem with easy shopping is that he could never find a great belt that fit him right. Since moving to our new area, we are not so familiar with knowing where the cool belt stores were and decided to wait on the shopping.

Tonght I realized that I needed to buy a new razor and decided to drag D to Target. Upon entering the store I spotted a cute bag and stopped to admire for a moment. Being instantly bored, D glanced at my adorable find, gave it the nodding ok approval, and walked past it.....right to the womens belts. Immediately, his eyes glued onto a zebra print belt, found his size, and tried it on. Of course he fell in love with it and gave me the "I gotta have it" expression. I said, "Ok, as long as it keeps you happy while I browse the cosmetic dept." I think he actually pranced through the store like a kid with his first toy.

My husband now owns his first girly belt. Funny thing is that I really like the belt and he might find it missing one of these days.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here we are!!

Well, seeing that this is our first blog together, we should probably introduce ourselves. My name is Christine (hence where Tine came from) and my husband is Darold (nicknamed Dario). I was introduced to Darold by his brother, whom I happened to meet right after I moved into the area. I had noticed an "air ride truck" and laughed since I had never seen one in person before. He mentioned that Darold loved to bag trucks and actually was working on one in their garage and asked if I wanted to go check it out one day. I went a couple of days later, when D was home, saw him walk by and instantly was hooked! (I don't think he even noticed I was there.) The only other times I saw him were once when a group of us went camping and he happened to go, and when I helped move his parents and he rode back in the same car I did. I moved away from the immediate area and didn't see him again for about 2 years. We reconnected at a Labor Day BBQ/Swim party after I flirted like crazy to get his attention....which worked. We played pool games until the sun went down then hung out in the hot tub for 4 hours just talking and laughing. We hung out at parks in the middle of the night playing night games with friends, and he called me everynight I was on vacation visiting my parents. After that, we officially hooked up, and he finally kissed me!! We got married on July 14, 2007 in San Diego.

I am a massage therapist and Darold gets to play with bikes, doing the thing he loves, for his job. He owns a BMX bike, mtn bike and a fixed gear, riding them pretty equally. I've been doing massage for a little over a year now and work at a fantasic resort near my house. We live in a cute little 2 bedroom house not far from the beach where we enjoy going on driving expeditions everywhere, biking to and from D's work, and entertaining everyone who comes to visit.

Someday, since everyone would like to know, we'll begin our restless nights of parenthood, but not now. We are just enjoying being together and having fun!