Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Celebrating our first wedding anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, so we (meaning Tine) have decided to list what we have learned in the last 12 months.


1. Explain what you're doing fully and make sure she understands
2. Don't forget to call back when she calls and you can't get to the phone right away
3. Schedule in extra time to get ready and you still will be late
4. Don't expect to go to sleep when you want to. She will torture you until you do what she needs done.


1. Nobody will clean up if you don't do it
2. Men really don't like to put the toilet seat down
3. Del Taco becomes a luxury on a budget
4. Just because you have two incomes doesn't mean you make more money
5. "Mine" had been replaced by "ours"
6. Your spouse isn't the only one making stupid mistakes
7. Take pictures
8. Crying is ok sometimes
9. Clothes don't clean themselves, no matter how often you step over them
10. Celebrating your first anniversary doesn't make you an old married couple! You can always be newlyweds! (even a lifetime is nothin compared to eternity!!!!)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Going for a Step Stool, Leaving With the Store!

My kitchen is very difficult to organize because our cabinets are really tall..all the way to the ceiling and I can't reach so well without a step stool, which we haven't had the money for. So we broke down and decided to go get one. I found the exact one I wanted and it was only $15! I was very excited! Then Dario said that we needed to fix the hose since the attachment squirter...thing.... doesn't quite fit properly, so we went to the garden area. While he looked for what he needed, I glanced at the other stuff they had going on right behind me. What do I see?? CLEARANCE!!! WHOO HOO!!! We've been dying to put chairs outside with a cute little table so we can enjoy our little yard and garden but they've always been so expensive. We decided to get these fantastic chairs for more than half off (about $10 a fanstastic steal.) The only problem is the fact that they were quite big...almost didn't fit in the car. But I had faith in my wonderful husband. He then told me that he used to make fun of people for doing what we did. I figured it was ok since just about a year and a half ago we had to transport my twin bed on top of our car...ghetto style hahahaha Oh Well! What can ya do??